TheraTub is a veteran founded, innovative and Florida based walk-in tub / shower company that provides seniors as well as their families throughout the entire continental United States of America and now select parts of Canada a much healthier and safer bathing experience unlike any other for many thousands of dollars less than our competitors. All of us here at TheraTub look forward to helping keep you and your loved ones safe, healthy and happy for many decades to come. Enjoy!

Every single TheraTub sold is now officially certified Made In The USA. The Made In The USA Brand Certification Mark is the only registered care with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for labeling and identifying the highest standards for complete American made parts and materials used in any one product. After a time-tested and rigorous certification process, we may now proudly display this banner:

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All purchases made between 5/23/2017 and 5/29/2017 will receive an additional $500 off!

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According to the National Safety Council one person dies every single day from slip and falls bathing in the United States alone. Purchasing a quality walk-in bathtub / shower system is not only a therapeutic luxury, but a safety benefit for seniors who wish to stay in their homes for many years to come. The TheraTub utilizes the highest quality Made in the USA parts and materials and our product is tested, then re-tested to assure maximum durability and performance before shipping. With well over 20,000 walk-in tubs now sold, there have been zero complaints. Let's take a closer look at what the TheraTub can do for you:

Why Choose TheraTub?

   Here are just a few of the reasons:

theratub has a lifetime warranty on every component picture

100% Lifetime Warranty On Everything

theratub has decades of experience in the walk in tubs industry picture

Decades Of Experience You Can Trust

theratub has the lowest step in in the industry picture

Absolute Lowest Step-In Height In The Industry

Yep, you just read that right! Every TheraTub comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty on every single component! Other walk-in tub companies will protect you with a 1-5 year warranty, but it's usually not on every component and in most cases the only thing they may cover for life is the shell. In addition, TheraTub will also not require you to disassemble and ship your tub to the factory for repairs, we always come to you. We use only the best quality Made In The USA parts and materials and we stand by their performance for life.

Our company is supported by many individual people and groups who have multiple years of experience in the walk-in tub industry. We saw the poor product quality, aggressive as well as fraudulent selling techniques and near complete lack of after the sale service that is rampant these days in the walk-in marketplace. We then decided to make a lasting and positive difference. Combining all of our extensive experience, complete commitment to quality, customer service and affordability; we are proud to bring you the revolutionary TheraTub!

Because of our one of a kind frameless design, we have the absolute lowest/safest step-in height at 0-2". All other walk-in tubs on the market have a step-in of 4-9", which isn't much less than your conventional bath. Having a step-in this low may not seem like a big deal now, but as we get older stepping over things becomes harder and more dangerous; especially in slippery conditions. We started the TheraTub engineering process with a strong safety focus in mind. From entry to exit, the therapeutic bathing experience in your TheraTub will be as safe, effortless and relaxing as possible.

theratub is the highest quality walk in tub on the market picture

Highest Quality Engineering Available

theratub is 100% made in the usa picture

Certified Made In America

theratub is about half the cost of other walk-in tubs picture

Save Thousands On The Cost

Our TheraTubs utilize some of the best qualities and features from other older walk-in bathtub designs, eliminates the faults and incorporates many of our own industry leading features, capabilities and materials. The TheraTub is engineered with a patented and hassle free frameless design, ultra high quality and energy efficient motors, heaters, pumps and ozonation systems. We also use up to 3 times thicker Owens Corning upper marine grade fiberglass, a unique hydrotherapy system and so much more. You simply won't find a better walk-in bathtub on the market today.

The TheraTub walk-in bathtub is fully certified to be Made in the USA. Most other walk-in baths and tubs today are manufactured in China, shipped to and then assembled in America with the claim of "made". The components and materials on your new TheraTub are made right here in the USA and the TheraTub is manufactured at our state of the art plant in Georgia. After a rigorous and long certification process, TheraTub may now proudly display this officially recognized Made In The USA Brand Certification Mark! Our company started in and will never leave the United States of America.

If you have ever had someone from another walk-in tub company come out to your home to give you a quote, then you know the price of their walk-in installed is going to be about 10-14k conservatively. We feel that is far too much to pay for a walk-in tub. Because we keep our advertising costs very low, profit margins small and pay little in repair costs due to our high-quality design as well as Made in the USA materials, we are able to offer you the absolute best walk-in tub out there today, at a price which is thousands of dollars less. Additionally, unlike most of our competitors, we do not require an in-home interview to provide estimates.

A testimonial video from one of our customers:

This video shows a time-lapsed TheraTub Installation:

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We here at TheraTub are proud to be a partner with AMAC. The Association of Mature American Citizens is here to protect your interests with an insightful perspective on how to best solve the problems seniors face today.

   Your TheraTub walk-in bathtub/shower uses a patent pending, unique frameless design. Most walk-in tubs use a steel frame. The elimination of the steel frame allows the TheraTub to sit lower to the ground, thus creating the revolutionary 0-2" step-in, the lowest threshold of any walk-in ever made. The average step-in height for a walk-in tub is 4-6". With the steel frame style of walk-in tubs, if a jet or faucet were to break or start leaking, you would have no room to fix this or any other problem that may occur; without first removing the entire tub for repairs. The steel frame has a builder’s flange around the edge that causes the walls to have to be removed and if tiled, re-tiled as well.

   Installation and the ability to perform maintenance are two additional important features that set the TheraTub apart from other walk-in tubs. Since our design does not have a steel cradle frame, it is much easier to install and can easily be installed by any licensed plumbing contractor. Thorough and easy to follow installation instructions are provided should you chose your own installing team but we also provide our own excellent choices. Service is made easy because the whole front panel comes off for easy access to the plumbing and motors. Because the fiberglass in the TheraTub walk-in bathtub is thicker and stronger, it will not flex or wobble like our competitors. Also, the extra thick walls are warranted not to graze, spider crack, chip, or delaminate even after years of service.

For more information and news about TheraTub you can find us on Facebook or at Twitter

Your TheraTub system was engineered with a distinctive focus on both the therapeutic and safety benefits it will provide both young and old for decades to come without cutting any corners. CLICK HERE to see some of the health benefits you or a loved one will gain or HERE to see a few of our safety features. Unlike the others, we also provide a very strong focus on customer care both before as well as after the purchase as our customers ATTEST. 

All new 2017 model TheraTubs now come equipped standard w/ our Micro-Bubble technology. This will envelope you with millions of extremely tiny and oxygen enriched air bubbles from our air-jets alone. Our new and exclusive system creates the most air bubbles possible in order to penetrate the skin’s pores to exfoliate and rejuvenate; whilst removing toxins and massaging your floating body as the bubbles gently burst against you and help keep you afloat. With the injectors on each of our strategically placed 18 air-jets you will wish you had it earlier. These air-jets may also be simply set at variable power settings with a press of a button. When coupled with our 12 energy saving and green friendly, motor-heated and deep massaging water jets; you or a loved one will enjoy the TheraTub’s unique rejuvenating, comforting and invigorating dual hydrotherapy experience!

Financing of the TheraTub is sometimes required and we have options. One of which may be obtained through our new partner AMS Financial. AMS is located in Charleston, South Carolina and has nearly 40 years of reliable home improvement lending experience. Qualified individuals can even receive 0% financing for the first 18 months. Their process is fast, efficient and most importantly safe.

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We here at TheraTub do not require an in-home interview to give estimates. Please feel free to contact us for an accurate quote, support or for any question you may have by calling nationwide toll-free at (866) 686-TUBS (8827) using the form to the left or by direct email at anytime you would like.

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