For millennia, people around the world have benefited from the healing power of therapeutic bathing. The ancient Romans used medicinal baths in their ailment treatments, as have a number of other countries like: Finland, Egypt, America, Greece, Germany, Turkey and Spain. In recent decades, medical studies and testimonials have shown the public how these proven health benefits known as hydrotherapy offer a reliable and affordable homeopathic method for treating many of today’s most common ailments that seniors too must deal with. 


   The TheraTub walk-in tub gives you peace of mind through its design, comfort, safety and multiple therapeutic benefits. For those who have struggled to get in to and out of a conventional shower or tub, dreading the slippery shower floor and unmanageable glass doors, your new TheraTub is waiting! No more sitting on a folding chair in the shower to avoid falling or struggling to get up and out of the bath. Just open the door, step in easily and sit down in our ultra comfortable, contoured built-in ADA seat. Enjoy a much deserved safer and therapy-rich experience unlike any other. Let us take a look at a few benefits:

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Simple Soaking

 Soaking in your TheraTub stimulates the contact and temperature receptors located on the surface of the skin which will help greatly promote relaxation and stress relief.  Water, whether consumed internally or applied externally with continual, temperature controlled movements is a great way to detoxify the body and replenish it with much needed hydration. Soaking in varying temperatures of water is great for the nervous system and for blood flow; which impacts the heart, lungs, kidneys and many more vital body systems.

  Bathing therapy is touted as an easy way to treat many ailments. Such therapy can be used to treat inflammation, tendonitis, infection, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, injuries, back pain and other painful ailments. Soaking in warm water is not only used to treat ailments, it is also well known for preventing them. Studies have shown that water therapy is great for rehabilitation from accidents, traumas, strokes, connective tissue diseases and even asthma and other respiratory related problems. Because bathing therapy increases blood circulation: the immune system is strengthened, increasing energy and improving overall mood. 

  Taking a warm bath in your TheraTub walk-in shower/tub system also reduces the effects of stress as well as pains; improves sleep, prevents headaches and has been found to improve blood sugar, lower blood pressure and helps to treat depression. Every TheraTub is deeper than a traditional tub and most other "walk-in tubs". We offer you a more immersive and comfortable bath which makes simple soaking therapy alone in a walk-in tub ideal.


Water Buoyancy 

Water buoyancy relaxes muscles and warm water decreases muscle tension, allowing for greater flexibility. It relieves arthritis aches and stiffness. In addition to the many other benefits of the TheraTub walk-in tub, the water buoyancy increases blood supply to aching joints, which helps to remove inflammatory particles from the area and relieve pain. 



Hydrotherapy is the use of flowing water for soothing pain and treating diseases. It is one of the oldest and safest methods known for treating various medical ailments. Muscle aches, tension and stress fade away when you relax in a hydrotherapy bath. Arthritis and joint discomfort respond very favorably to a warm deep hydrotherapy bath. The hydrotherapy jets turn our TheraTub into a therapeutic spa, soothing tired muscles and aching joints, increasing circulation, giving you greater range of motion and freedom of movement; while providing you with the ultimate safe and luxurious bathing experience.


Air Massage Therapy

The TheraTub walk-in tub comes with air massage therapy; eighteen strategically placed air jets to guarantee the body receives attention where it is most needed. Air massage therapy rejuvenates the skin with a light touch massage, helping to manage pain and make every bath in your TheraTub walk-in bath a spa experience. Gentle bubbles from the air jets on the TheraTub calm the nervous system, reduce stress, detoxify the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation.


Hydro Massage Therapy

The TheraTub comes equipped with 10 state-of-the-art water jets too. Our water jets offer a jacuzzi-style spa experience as warm water is pumped through jets strategically placed throughout the tub: offering a more vigorous, focused massage to hit specific areas such as the lower back, arms, hips, legs and feet.


Dual Massage (Air Plus Water Spa System) 

Our dual massage system on the TheraTub offers the ability to have both water and air jet massages working simultaneously. When a TheraTub walk-in tub is brought into the home, each bather can enjoy a softer light touch massage, a more forceful and focused massage, or you can choose to have both soothing spa systems activated at the same time. Unlike most walk-in tubs, the TheraTub also comes with a variable speed adjustment as well, so you can select the perfect amount of force the jets work at.


Arthritis affects the lives of millions of Americans, but few know how close help really is. Simply bathing in the TheraTub walk-in tub serves as an easy yet effective remedy for this debilitating condition. In 1998, two physicians discovered that after just three weeks of regular warm bathing alone, arthritis sufferers were less stiff, endured less pain, and began feeling more limber. The physicians determined that this simple treatment did so much to treat arthritis because when water reduces weight by 90%, pressure is relieved from joints, thereby decompressing cartilage and promoting much needed repair. In addition, the warmth of the water enhances this healing process, as heat dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. The Arthritis Foundation affirms that warm water therapy keeps joints moving in a gentle setting. The TheraTub walk-in tub can help restore strength and even delay further damage to sensitive joints. For those seeking relief from arthritis, the TheraTub walk-in tub is a safe, reliable remedy.


Bringing a TheraTub walk-in tub into the home is one of the best steps for treatment and management of Diabetes. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, type II diabetes patients reported a 13% reduction in blood-sugar levels, improved sleep, and an increased sense of well-being by simply enjoying warm water therapy as a home remedy for diabetes symptoms. Research shows stress reduction improves the quality of life and may indirectly improve blood sugar control. 


Living with Alzheimer’s requires patience for both the patient and the caregiver and bathing is one of the most difficult tasks to overcome. The TheraTub addresses many of the fears that come with bathing for Alzheimer’s sufferers. The TheraTub creates a safe atmosphere with the benefits of chromo and aromatherapy, helping the user feel in-control and relaxed during their daily bathing routine. Every TheraTub also comes with a non-slip floor on the bottom and seat, custom placed grab bars to your liking and the lowest step in in the industry. Our contoured 17" high ADA compliant seat makes it easier for the caregiver to help the patient into the TheraTub while providing much greater safety if needed too. The custom style of the TheraTub walk-in bathtub addresses fears of exposure and vulnerability while you sit comfortably in a warm, healing bath.


Heart Health

For many people looking to improve their heart health, exercising is not easy. However, a recent Mayo Clinic study revealed how soaking in a warm bath increases heart rate while lowering blood pressure, providing the cardiovascular benefits similar to those of cardio exercises while granting the bather greater comfort and less strain on their heart. The study showed that warm water immersion, such as is available in the TheraTub, can protect the heart from arrhythmias and greatly improve the strength of the heart.


Sleep Disorders

Drifting peacefully into a deep sleep can be difficult after a stressful day or when trying to ignore chronic pain. Instead of reaching for dangerous and habit-forming sleep aids and painkillers, there’s a simpler, safer and more natural solution: a warm bath in the TheraTub! Studies from around the world have shown that taking a twenty minute bath at least an hour before bed naturally puts the body into a state of relaxation and sleep readiness. Although it may not grant complete relief from sleep apnea, the TheraTub's therapeutic spa system rejuvenates the body and mind, letting a full night sleep come much easier.


Stress Reduction

Hydrotherapy helps heal the body and mind in many ways and the TheraTub offers a variety of spa systems that help with both pain and stress relief. Even as children, people are taught how taking a warm bath at the end of a taxing day is one of the best ways to alleviate stress. In the golden years when living a comfortable, stress free life is most important, it is extremely beneficial to bring a TheraTub walk-in tub into the home. From our aroma and chromotherapy systems to the hydrotherapeutic benefits, the TheraTub will also help strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve metabolism, manage diabetes and improve both heart and mental health.


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