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Some frequently asked questions about the TheraTub:


What cleaning is required?

Because we use marine-grade fiberglass, apply a very thick and lustrous bacteria/mold resistant gel coat on all of our walk-in tubs; It is unusually easy to maintain and keep clean.

What is the warranty on the TheraTub?

As a result of our strict product control, thorough testing and quality Made in the USA parts: We are confident that our tubs will provide decades of reliable, uninterrupted use. The TheraTub comes with our manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on every single component, not just the shell and seals.

Do you offer a two-seater model?

Yes, TheraTub is excited to now offer our unique two-seater! Now you can enjoy all of the exciting benefits of the original TheraTub walk-in tub with a partner. The dimensions of this model are 30x62x36.

Does the TheraTub come with a heated seat option?

Yes, our ComfortWarm system is a selectable option on your TheraTub. The ComfortWarm system keeps your seat warm during your bath and can be set at low, medium or high heat. Our new system also has an integrated 30 minute safety shutdown timer.

What size water heater do I need?

The TheraTub only requires a 40 gallon water heater to heat the initial draw of water; Most homes have a 40-60 gallon heater. Then from there your TheraTub will keep the water warm, or at the temperature you desire for the remainder of your bath. We also save you energy as well by using technology which allows the water to be heated from energy off the jet motor in addition to the heater itself to save you money over time on energy costs.

In what colors does your chromotherapy lighting system come in?

Our unique chromotherapy lightning system can be set to be white, turquoise, blue, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green or off. In addition to our wide selection of colors, the TheraTub's chromotherapy lighting system can be set to an automatic rainbow cycle which automatically changes the colors at either a low or high speed. Our chromotherapy system also has an integrated 20 minute automatic shutdown timer.

I am a veteran and I am seeking financial assistance with the purchase of my new TheraTub, is this possible?

Yes, it is now possible for qualified individuals. The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) program offers grants to certain service members and veterans with severe service-connected disabilities to help them in building, remodeling or purchasing an adapted home. For more information and to see if you qualify for the SAH grant CLICK HERE

In what colors can I order my TheraTub?

The TheraTub walk-in tub/shower system comes standard in either a white or off-white cream/bone color. Custom colors are available for an additional fee upon request.

Where can your walk-in tub be installed?

One of the many benefits of our patent pending frameless design is that your TheraTub can be installed where all other walk-in tubs cannot. The TheraTub can be used as a replacement for your regular bathtub or it can also be installed independently in a spare room, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

Can my new TheraTub be equipped with a bidet jet? What about an ozonation system to help keep the water sanitized?

Yes, the TheraTub may come equipped with a bidet jet and/or an ozonation system. This is the same ozonation system used in bottled water purification to kill bacteria and helps keep your bath water clean during the duration of you bath. Our new unique ozonation system also begins a 15 minute cleaning cycle, one hour after your bath is completed.

Can your walk-in tub be ordered with a right or left door swing?

Yes, you may choose either the right or left door option depending on the layout of your bathroom and toilet setup. Please let us know this information before making a purchase.

Some other walk-in companies have an outward door swing, this is not conducive for us easily entering the tub, does your door swing inward?

Yes, all our doors open inwardly and use an amalgam of high end, medical grade piano seals and the water pressure to keep the door tight without leaks.

Does your tub come with a whirlpool system?

Your TheraTub offers a unique combination of 18 invigorating and exfoliating Micro-Bubble air jets and 10 heated, deep massaging water jets; either with standard placement or custom placed to meet your individual hydrotherapy requirements. Our 18 Micro-Bubble air jets each have 6 individual spouts for a total of 108. The Micro-Bubble air jet system can be set to off, medium or a high speed as well.

How many gallons of water does the TheraTub hold?

Your new TheraTub walk-in bathtub and shower holds 47 gallons of water with no one in it. Depending on the size of the person in the tub, it will take several gallons less to fill. As a point of reference: The average 10 minute shower uses 40-50 gallons.

From what material is your walk-in tub made?

The TheraTub is made of marine-grade Owens Corning fiberglass. This is the same material used on multi-million dollar yachts that are out in the weather and water year round. Our unique walk-in tub is then coated in a very generous layer of bacteria and mold resistant protective gel coat that adds great luster as well. 

How does the water-tight door work?

The water-tight door is ingenious. We use top of the line aviation grade rubber that, when compressed by latching the door, forms a tight hydro seal. Additionally, the weight of the water further compresses the door seal making it one solid seal. We also use one long piano style hinge instead of a dual or multiple hinge system that most walk-in manufacturers use. The piano style hinge is much more resistant to bending and requires less maintenance.

Do you provide a soaker walk-in tub with no air or water jets?

Yes, we do offer a simple soaker model of the TheraTub.

Can I take a shower in the TheraTub?

Our walk-in bathtub comes with a retractable handheld shower wand that can easily be mounted on the wall to work as a shower. Simply press the shower to bath switch to change the water flow from faucet to shower. If you would like, we can also mount a shower rod and curtain for you.

How durable is the TheraTub? 

Our walk-in tub is built and engineered to last for decades with little to no maintenance required except for normal surface cleaning. Our bath has been thoroughly and strenuously tested prior to shipping so that it will perform for you day in and day out.

How much does a TheraTub cost?

Every customer's home and needs are different. Because we keep our advertising costs low, pay very little in repair costs, don't have a hired sales force and cut our profit margin drastically, we are able to offer you the absolute best walk-in tub on the market for thousands less than the others!

Is the TheraTub tax deductible?

In many cases yes, but consult your individual tax advisor.

Will Medicare, Medicaid or other programs help me purchase my new TheraTub?

There are many situations where you can get financial assistance from certain programs. For more information about this see our blog page HERE.

Can I remove options from the TheraTub that I don't want and save money?

Yes, you can customize the TheraTub's options and sizes to your liking.

What are the advantages of buying a walk-in bath made of fiberglass over acrylic?

Fiberglass is a much more durable and longer lasting material than acrylic. Damage done to acrylic is much harder to repair. Fiberglass keeps a higher gloss shine as well. Fiberglass is more resistant to spider web cracks and fading. The TheraTub is also made up to 3x thicker than other fiberglass walk-in tubs in the important core areas.

Will the water stay the same temperature throughout my bath?

Yes, as long as the water jets are running. We use an energy saving heater that takes heat from the motor to keep your water the same temperature throughout your bath.

What kind of faucets do you use?

We use Price Pfisters' top of the line polished chrome faucet set on most of our tubs. However, should you prefer another finish such as brushed nickel, we can accommodate you.

Can I change the speed of the jets?

Yes, the TheraTub walk-in tub has a variable speed adjuster that you can use to change the power of the water jets to your liking. This also includes a wave cycle (speed goes gradually from minimum to maximum) and a pulse cycle (speed goes rapidly from minimum to maximum). You can also set it to only use the footwell water jets.

Will mold and mildew build up in the lines and spew out like most whirlpool systems when I turn on the jets after a period of not using it?

No, unlike other walk-in tubs, the TheraTub comes equipped with our auto-gravity purge system; which dries the lines out and resists dangerous mold and mildew build up. By default the TheraTub's purging system lasts one minute and comes on automatically 20 minutes after the blower is turned off or it can also be set to come on every 24 hours.

I have diabetes and would sometimes just like to soak my feet only to help with circulation. Can I draw just a small amount of water?

Yes, our walk-in tub comes with a toggle that will only fill the water level enough to soak your feet.

Can your walk-in tub overfill and spill out?

No, the TheraTub has a drain near the top that will not allow the water level to rise any higher.

How long does it take for the water to drain out?

The TheraTub's unique quick drain and overflow ventilation system allows the standard size TheraTub walk-in tub to quickly drain an entire full bath in 2-3 minutes.

Will you install safety grab bars for me?

Yes, we can install up to 3 grab bars for you in the positions you desire.

Will you ship a TheraTub to me if I don't live in Florida or Georgia? What about installation outside of the continental U.S.A?

Yes, we will ship, install and also service a TheraTub anywhere in the continental USA and select portions of Canada now too! If you need assistance with installation we work with a network of contractors across the country. Alaska and Hawaii may occur later for us but regretfully at this time we do not offer our TheraTub there.

Will having a TheraTub installed myself void the lifetime warranty?

No, some customers wish to have their own installers install the TheraTub. Should you decide to install a TheraTub yourself, we will honor the lifetime warranty if the customer signs off at the time of the install that everything is working fine. We do offer a complete installation guide for those who wish to install the TheraTub themselves. 

In what sizes does the TheraTub come in?

The TheraTub comes in these available sizes: 30x50x36 (standard), 30x47x36 (petite 1), 26x50x36 (petite 2), 30x50x40 (deep soaker), 32x56x36 (XL wide tub), 32x56x40 (super soaker) and we also offer a 2-seater model which is 30x62x36. The TheraTub's height is 36", as opposed to standard walk-in tubs which are 38-40" tall; This is due to our unique frameless design. The .PDF files below are sketches that will help you better visualize the dimensions of your new TheraTub:

Standard TheraTub 30x50x36.PDF (Most Popular)
Petite TheraTub 30x47x36.PDF
Petite 2 TheraTub 26x50x36.PDF
Wide TheraTub 32x56x36.PDF

The .PDFs to the left will help you better visualize the dimensions of a few TheraTub models

Deepsoaker TheraTub 30x50x40.PDF
Deep & Wide TheraTub 32x56x40.PDF
Two-Seater TheraTub 32x62x36.PDF

Here is our interactive animation which will help you learn more about some of TheraTub's features (May not be viewable on some browsers):

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