Lora F.

 Kissimmee, FL

Image description

"We are very happy with the tub and installation. You did well and your guys William and Mike did a terrific job. They were conscientious and kept everything picked up and clean. I used it last night (first time we could use it) and I had the best night's sleep that I've had in a while. We have company and we are in and out for this holiday week. So e-mail me for any questions on using the credit card. I think this is going to be the plus in our lives that I had hoped for. Again the warranty is a big part of being at ease with this investment. Be well."

Robyn T.

 Naples, FL


"It actually brings tears to my eyes to see the improvement my brother has made over the past 6 months and his new TheraTub was the catalyst for the improvement. It has given him hope. He has diabetes, CHF and is on oxygen 24/7. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of the TheraTub on the circulation of his now pink legs​, he is encouraged and optimistic about his future. His doctors had been suggesting a sleep apnea test and subsequent CPAP for a very long time and because he is looking forward now, he finally did it! He is now enjoying his bath nightly, getting about 8 hours of sleep each night instead of 4 hours and a nap during the day and falling asleep sitting up. He is thankful every day for having the TheraTub. It was a savior for my brother. Strictly speaking to the quality of the product, we did extensive research before choosing TheraTub. We wanted a tub made in the USA and the warranty provided is much more extensive than any of the competitors. The quality is excellent. It is sturdy and the installation was very efficient and tidy. Communication with the home office and staff was very professional and timely, no question was too silly to ask. I would highly recommend TheraTub and have, in fact as my upstairs neighbors purchased one. They are both 87 years old and wonder why they did not do this sooner! When something can make two 87 year old ladies feel healthier and be more mobile with less pain, you have to consider it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we truly believe this saved Pete and I wish we had done this for the brother we lost 4 years ago from diabetes and CHF."

Brian & Barbara K.

Melbourne, FL

walk in tub theratub testimonial melbourne picture

"When I purchase anything over a couple of hundred dollars, I really do my homework. I had been thinking about a walk-in bathtub for a year or so but just didn't want to pay $15k. During my search, I ran across TheraTub and everything I found was very positive. They gave me some references and I was overwhelmed by what they had to say, they were all very satisfied. Another fabulous thing is that they offered 18 months no interest financing. To us it was a no brainer to buy a TheraTub. The installation team did a super job, left their work site very clean and disposed of the old tub for us. We couldn't be happier. The two inch step in is great. The tub looks like it was put in when our house was built. We are so happy with our new TheraTub walk-in tub! It looks beautiful in our home. With our new TheraTub, my wife can take a safe and therapeutic bath without any assistance from me. The chromotherapy lighting system is so relaxing. We give the TheraTub two thumbs up! It is wonderful, simply wonderful."

John & Amy C.

 Benton, LA

walk-in tubs theratub no photo picture

"Greg and Angela, the installation went very well. Ronnie and his crew showed up when they said they would. Ronnie told me the install would take about six hours and he was spot on. They were all very nice and professional. They even cleaned up after they finished, as you can see in the after photos. They hauled all the debris away with them. Amy tried the tub on Tuesday and loved the ease of getting into and out of it from her wheelchair. That two inch step in is a lifesaver for her. The attached shower head worked great so she could wash her hair. I tried the tub this morning and loved the air massage, especially on my legs. I felt a lot cleaner after the bath than I do after getting out of the shower. Greg, I also appreciated the no pressure sales visit and the telephone quote you gave me before you came. Not only did your price come in lower than your competitors everything about this purchase was positive. I can, do, and will recommend your company to my friends."

Dr. Albert A.

 Narragansett, RI

Image description

"TheraTub gives you the best walk-in tub at the best price. Do not fall for the con artists from other walk-in bathtub companies. I received quotes from Safe Step, Premier Care and Perfect Walk-In Tubs. Each of the aforementioned companies give you a sales pitch and then offer you a $1000 to $1500 rebate if you act today, otherwise the price goes up. Also, even with the rebate, all of the other estimates were $5000, $6000, to $7000 dollars more than I paid for the TheraTub. TheraTub also offers you a lifetime guarantee. The owner of the franchise from Perfect Walk-In Tubs would not even let me keep the quote or the specifications of the tub he tried to sell us. If you want to get a great walk-in tub that will help alleviate your aches and pains at a reasonable price, I would recommend TheraTub. The installers were done within 5 hours. The work was done exceptionally well. I was so happy with this company's walk-in tub that I created a YouTube Video to help inform others about this company's product."

Jack & Darlene F.

 Klamath Falls, OR


"My wife and I recently decided to purchase a walk-in tub. We spent considerable time doing our research of the various options and discovered that the major brands marketed on T.V. are nothing less than taking advantage of the elderly. When we discovered TheraTub, our experience was exceptional from start to finish. Jay and Erin were wonderful to work with in every way and the price of their walk-in bathtub was thousands of dollars less than the competition and for a far superior product. We encourage anyone considering the purchase of a walk-in tub to profit from our research and discover that TheraTub is without a doubt the best tub at the best price, hands down and not to mention they have a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. In addition to our experience with the TheraTub crew; our installer, Mark, was absolutely the best. He was prompt, friendly and an expert at what he does. He left us with a perfect installation and we only wish we would have purchased this years ago!"

 Elizabeth N.

 The Villages, FL


"I have to say that having a TheraTub for nearly 2 mo. that I'm so glad we made the investment. It's been very useful for me due to my rheumatoid arthritis issues and more. I use Dead Sea Salt (minerals) and the relaxation both give me has been great!"

 Carol K.

 Pasadena, CA

a pic of walk in tubs california theratub testimonial

"We just wanted to write to you and thank you for mom's new walk-in tub. Our mother's TheraTub is absolutely beautiful. It looks great in her bathroom, as though its always been there. She is thrilled with how she feels after a therapeutic bath. My sister was so worried that the installers would make a big mess but they cleaned up so nicely. We are most happy that they were able to install it so we didn't have to purchase additional flooring. Your installers did a great job placing the shelf behind the tub so that we didn't have to worry about replacing the linoleum floor. The other two companies that came out both said that they would have to replace the floor. The tub looks great and my mom is loving the fact that she can take a bath again, in a safe and comfortable bathing area. The whole transaction from beginning to end was first class. We are very pleased and will definitely refer you to our friends. Blessings to TheraTub and all you stand for."

         Dave S.

Holiday, FL

Image description

"I want to tell you about my TheraTub. I am disabled and have a bad back due to a car accident. I have been taking pain killers and therapy for about a year now. I don’t like the way they make me feel, plus I hear all the horror stories about becoming addicted to them. I looked at several walk-in tubs and was unimpressed because I weigh about 300 lbs and the ones I looked at were too small and I was unable to close the door, plus they looked cheap and institutional. I called TheraTub and the representative took me to see their standard 30 Inch wide tub. To my surprise, I was able to fit quite nicely, however because we had room and I also have a bad arm, I decided to go ahead and get the wider model TheraTub. It looks awesome and I couldn’t be happier with the results of the installation. Now, for the best part. After I take a 30 minute bath, I am pain free for 4-6 hours. With the pain killer, I am only pain free for about 2 hours. I am thrilled beyond what words could describe. Im sleeping better and feel so much better. Thank God for TheraTub!"

      Gladys C.

 Cincinnati, OH

Image description

"We were remodeling our bathroom and had contracted with a company to do the tile work. They told us they had installed many walk-in tubs before but unfortunately that was not the case. Though TheraTub had sent an installation manual, the plumber didn't even bother to read it. Actually there is no way to put it other than the plumber made a big mess and admitted he had never installed one before. We called TheraTub and Mr. Tom sent by his installer to bail us out. Fortunately, it only took about a half an hour to correct our problem. The installers were factory trained and it was easy to see they really knew their stuff. The installer was a true gentleman. We highly recommend the TheraTub.

Nick & Betsy C.

Florissant, MO


"Dear Jay, my wife and I Iove our TheraTub! It is better than you promised, thank you. Your installers and service techs are super. They were on time, efficient and cleaned the area thoroughly after installation. Your instructions on how to operate were easy to follow. The financing you recommended was easy to get approved for and no interest for 18 months is a bonus. After 3 months of use we feel the circulation in our feet and legs have dramatically improved. Thank you!!"

 Karen G.

Sugarland, TX

walk-in tubs theratub texas senior safe premier pic

"I also have a story you can share with your head office. This purchase actually came about because of Premier Walk-in Tub's TV advertising. I saw their commercial on TV one day and thought of the last couple of times that I have tried to use my standard garden tub and almost fallen. This made me respond to their ad. I had one of their salesmen come to my house and give me a quote. It was so high, I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to get one after all. Then I started researching online, because I really wanted one at this point. What I read was that Premier tubs are nice tubs, but they are one of the highest priced tubs due to all of their advertising and sales costs. Then I read about TheraTub's walk-in tubs. What I was reading said that they were also great tubs, but much lower priced because they don't spend all that advertising money. I find this funny because the Premier advertising is what got me to buy from Theratub! Good strategy! Keep it up!"

 Don & Kay W.

Blanchard, OK

Image description

"Travis & Bryan from MO installed our tub yesterday in 6 ½ hours. They actually got it through that 24” door and I have to look very closely to tell that the trim was removed. They did a fantastic job for us. Both were very professional and pleasant to be around. My wife and I are anxiously looking forward to our first experience in a walk-in tub. If we hear of anyone thinking of installing a walk-in tub, we will highly recommend TheraTub to them. So far, even without having bathed in one at this time, we couldn’t be happier with our installation. Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon."

        Eldon C.

 Temple Terrace, FL

walk in tub theratub testimonial

"Until I got my TheraTub, I had always been a shower person, now at 91 years old I finally have a walk-in tub to help keep me happy and in my own home for many years to come. I take a therapeutic bath every morning now! I use the extendable shower wand that was provided with the tub to wash my hair. My only regret is that I didn't buy it 20 years ago when I was 70, but this TheraTub makes me feel like I'm 70 all over again, I just love it!"

Mr. & Mrs. Diggs

Boise, ID


"Hello Jay, sorry for the long delay in providing some pictures (separate email). There were the usual construction interruptions, various holiday slow downs and the like. The very last phase of the project was the installation of the ceiling unit above the tub which consists of a combination heater, roof vent, main light and a night light... each with a wall switch. It was worth waiting for and it's great. We are finally able to actually use the tub both for showers and some hydrotherapy. To say the least, it was a real pleasure to do business with you in spite of the great distance in miles. All of the many complimentary statements by your customers which we had seen in our evaluation process were very true. Your responsiveness and reliability were outstanding and we were comfortable throughout the process. Thank you"


 Carrollwood, FL

walk in tub theratub testimonial florida jt

"I really checked out thoroughly all of the walk-in tub companies out there, I even had multiple companies come out to my home for an in-home interview. Everything about the TheraTub has been superb and the dealer has bent over backwards to help me! After I spend a half an hour in the TheraTub, I go to sleep and I sleep well. It really helps with my aches and pains too from arthritis and my old joint injuries. Talk about a throne, this is the way to live. I get so excited talking about the TheraTub, it is a Godsend! The tub is made so durable and thick, unlike the others made in China and the manufacturer protects me for a lifetime directly."

CLICK HERE to see the testimonial video J.T. gave us!

Jeff S.

 Springfield, MA

theratub walk-in tubs no image available picture

"My folks say that they love the new tub. Thanks again for the great service, and please know that the crew that installed the unit were professional and did a great job. A very positive experience all around. Thank you TheraTub!"

Tom & Donna H.

 Tarpon Springs, FL

walk in tubs tom and donna h tarpon springs florida

"My sister up north purchased a walk-in tub from a large company called Premier. My TheraTub is so much nicer, with more features like the much lower step-in of two inches. She paid about $5,000 more than I did too! Your installers did a great job in half a day and cleaned up really nicely. I was worried about dust being on my furniture as I have COPD, but there was not any at all. I just adore my TheraTub. Thank you so much for this wonderful product you provide to seniors. Buying the TheraTub is the best thing I have ever done for myself."

Dave G.

 Redwood City, CA

Image description

"Both mom and dad have used the tub and they love it! Thank you very much for the wonderful job. I went to the V.A. today and gave them pictures and the final sign off papers. I told them that you are great and to put you on the top of their list of recommended tub installers. Tom, you are wonderful to provide such excellent and honest service to our deserving veterans!"

A.V. & Doris S.

 Winter Haven, FL

walk in safety bath tubs A.V. and Doris S florida

"I am enjoying my TheraTub so much! I talked to a couple of other manufacturers and they were all much higher in price. Also, the other companies could not get their tubs up my stairs and wanted to install them down stairs, which would not be good for me as my balance is bad. They told me it would be simply impossible to get a tub up the stairs. When your representative came, he took several pictures of the area I wanted the tub in, and the narrow stair case and sent them to the factory. While the other manufactures said it was impossible, I found out it was possible with TheraTub! One of the other manufacturers tried to scare us by saying the TheraTub was a Chinese product, so we had our daughter who lives in Atlanta visit your factory and she was very impressed. Now that I have my TheraTub, I take a bath every evening and it helps me relax so much! I was worried that I would be cold while waiting for the bath to fill up, but I was pleasantly surprised that if I closed the drain once the hot water started flowing, the water would stay warm during the entire bath, even on the coldest nights. The TheraTub also comes with an easy to use knob which opens and closes the drain so much better that the normal rubber stopper/chain in baths. Your representative was also very helpful and knowledgeable, I highly recommend going with TheraTub!"

Paula O.

 St. Cloud, FL

walk in tub theratub paula o photo

"I rarely purchase anything for myself alone. A walk-in tub with the hydrotherapy jet system is something my doctor thought would help me with my arthritis. I am 59 years old and I suffer from degenerative arthritis. I have had both knees, and a hip replaced and soon I will have to have the other hip replaced. With the high cost of health care, I thought it would be impossible to afford a walk-in tub. I was wrong. The TheraTub was very affordable. The installation was professionally done and there was a great deal of care given to make sure everything was done to its very best. TheraTub's customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced!"

 Nancy B.

 Charlotte, NC

Image description

"I first started looking at a TheraTub over a year ago. I had to put my husband in a alzheimers facilty so I put off buying a tub. A few months later, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I decided to purchase a TheraTub so I could enjoy it with what time I had left. They rushed shipping and installing the tub so I could start enjoying it as soon as possible. The Theratub greatly reduces my pain and has no doubt prolonged my life. I wish I could take my TheraTub with me to Heaven but from what I have read about Heaven, I won't need it there. TheraTub is a company that truly cares and I appreciate that so much. I highly recommend TheraTub not only because they have such a great product, but also because I know how much they care about my needs."

 Gramma Barb

 Dunedin, FL

walk in tub gramma barb photo

"My new TheraTub is awesome, it is everything as advertised and then some, I give it six stars! As you know, the fellow remodeling my bathroom installed the tub and he said that it was by far the best built and nicest walk-in tub he had ever seen. The finish on the TheraTub is so much nicer than the other walk-in tubs we looked at and the faucet set is incredibly nice!! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical, then I talked with a couple of the references you gave me and they were all so enthused about their TheraTubs. By the way, the other companies wouldn't provide me with any references. The select-a-flow feature is great for controlling the strength of the jets and I love how the water always stays warm. You are free to use me as a reference at any time. If you want to have folks call me, just make it after 10AM... I am retired you know."

Lee A.

 Plantation, FL

Image description

"I love my new TheraTub! I just told my son if I ever leave this house, I am taking my TheraTub with me. It is awesome! As you know, I have a high end home and I was so afraid that a walk-in bathtub would look out of place, but nothing could be further from the truth. Feel free to use my name and have people call me. I just can't say enough good things about the tub."

Karen K.

 Tallahassee, FL

walk in tub theratub karen k photo

"One of the biggest decisions of my life turned in to one of the best decisions of my life. Your installation crew couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. I purchased a TheraTub and it was installed at my convenience. The installation involved deconstructing the old bathtub and surround and working on the foundation of my house at the plumbing site. Two very pleasant gentlemen completed the work in little more than six hours. The tub is beautiful and the company representative and staff couldn't have been more accommodating. The feature that has meant the most to me is the low threshold to cross to get into the tub. The quality structure of TheraTub has now made my bathing feel very safe. Gone is the anxiety of tripping over the side of the bathtub, or my feet getting tangled in the shower curtain. I had a total hip replacement last month and I have been back home for 2 weeks now. The best thing in my life is my TheraTub and you can quote me on that."

Luba R.

 Austin, TX

walk in tub theratub luba r photo

"The install crew who came yesterday was fantastic. They were very helpful, 100% professional and they really knew what they were doing. Now that I have used my TheraTub a few times, I must say that it greatly exceeds my expectations! I love the air and water jets, I feel very relaxed after my bath. The select-a-flow part is very nice because of the way it is able to adjust the pressure on the jets. Actually, I don't remember your rep telling me about it but I would say it is one of the must have features. I can't say enough good things about the tub and the wonderful job your installers did. I had a couple of other quotes and they were much higher for not nearly as nice a product. The finish is very nice and appreciated in my upscale home. I wanted my tub to look like it belonged in a nice home and not in an institution, and the TheraTub fits the bill. I really like the professional way your company does business. Everything from the time I ordered, to the time the trash debris was picked up, was first class. I have several neighbors and I am going to recommend your walk-in tub to them. Do I get a cut? Just kidding! America needs more companies like TheraTub."

Paul & Anita H.

 The Villages, FL


"Our TheraTub is everything we hoped it would be. The soothing water and air jets ease the arthritis in our backs, hands, arms and knees. The one negative we found is my wife's inability to turn the drain knob due to her lack of strength in her hands, but I am able to help her. Now that we can sit comfortably without the fear of slipping or falling keeping clean is a pleasure. The tub empties quickly once we are finished. I would happily recommend the TheraTub team to my friends. Compared to the other walk-in tubs referencing costs, their pricing is most reasonable. Their installers were competent, careful and respectful of our property. They cleaned up after each day's work and left everything neat."

Marlene B.

 Tampa, FL

walk in tubs theratub marlene b photo

"As you know, when we first started discussing me purchasing a walk-in tub, I only wanted a soaker tub just for the safety purposes alone. Your representative explained the therapeutic benefits of the hydrotherapy system. I was still somewhat skeptical, but I was willing to keep an open mind. Your representative gave me several references to call, which I did and I picked their brain about not only the air and water jets, but what your company was like to do business with. They all had high praises about their TheraTubs, but they also raved about the sales process too. They all felt good about how they were treated and they told me about how they never felt pressured to buy "today". Now after using my TheraTub for a couple of months, I see what they mean! It is absolutely wonderful! I love it! I highly recommend TheraTub not only for the great product, but the exceptional way they do business. Dealing with TheraTub has been a breath of fresh air."

Jean D.

 Tampa, FL

theratubs' image for none available picture

"I'd like to express my elation over your assisting me in designing and finishing my in home "spa"!! I first became aware of TheraTub about a year ago and knew I would love to transform my bathroom in to a personal spa. I reviewed all of your testimonials and website, then met with you to discuss the options. I knew I needed to make this a reality. You made it easy to contract a purchase and difficult to contemplate anything else. I like that your walk-in tubs are manufactured in Georgia and the 100% satisfaction guarantee can not be beat. Your team came out and made it happen. Thanks for making my dream a reality. Now maybe if I can keep my family off limits, I can enjoy and keep this oasis all to myself with a few bubbles, a little wine and a whole lot of fun!"

James W.

  Smithville, TX

walk in tub texas theratub testimonial no image

"Dear AMAC, I just wanted you to know that I took advantage of the discount offered for your members with TheraTub. I bought a walk-in tub from TheraTub, with which I am well pleased. More pleasing was my contact with Tom. He is a fine Christian gentlemen and a pleasure to do business with. We shared several prayer requests and I am going to miss communicating with him. Just want to thank you for introducing me to this Christian business man. I used my new TheraTub for the first time today after I came in from working outside all day. WOW what a good feeling! I was sore and tired from working outside with heavy stuff and that hit the spot. I see many more uses of this tub than just for the wife!"

 Chicago, IL

         Muriel H.

Image description

"What a tub! My new TheraTub is terrific. Before I go into all of the wonderful things, let me tell you all what I went through before I bought the tub of my dreams. I contacted two other companies who advertise on TV, the first representative did a fine job explaining all of the features of their tub, but I told him I wanted to build a walk-in tub not a car and their price was out of the question. The second company I contacted sent out a representative and I bought their walk-in tub. When the installers arrived at my home, they surveyed my bathroom and said I would have to call in a tiling specialist to repair the ceramic tiles after the tub was installed. The company rep had clearly said that would not be necessary. In fact, he misrepresented two different aspects of the installation. Naturally, I declined the tub and got my deposit back. I was pretty disheartened after that. Fortunately, my son, who lives in South Carolina found the AMAC website and saw TheraTub. He spoke with Mr. Tom and sent him pictures of my bathroom and dimensions. The rest is history. I had my new walk-in delivered and installed within 2 weeks. Now about the tub, I couldn't be more delighted. It's more than I hoped for. After reading the directions a few times, I was more than confident that I could use it. I am amazed at the performance and am delighted with how I feel after the bath. I am sleeping better and I love the way that my skin feels. I am most pleased with my new TheraTub and heartily recommend it to others... not just seniors like me, a kid of 85."

Joseph & Carol K.

 Tampa, FL


"Your company installed our TheraTub back in June of 2013. This installation occurred while I was off on vacation, which is a normal time that Carol gets her construction wants/desires out of her system and which spares me the agony associated with having our home in total disarray. Upon returning home from my vacation, Carol hooked her arm through mine and then took me on a tour of the house, where she introduced me to all the new changes, like re-painted cabinets, new counter tops and of course newly painted walls here and there. The tour ended when she guided me to the guest bathroom, which I consider my personal bathroom and library!!! The first thing I noticed was the color change to the room, plus the installation of battery operated candles. When she asked if I noticed anything else, my eyes roamed the small room and everything else seemed the same including the shower curtain, which she has trained me to keep drawn, since our tub had lost it's gleam over the years. When she suggested that I open the shower curtain, the first thought that came to mind was that she had the tub refinished. Upon drawing the curtain aside, I couldn't believe my eyes, for there it was a brand new TheraTub walk-in tub fully loaded with all the things that turns an ordinary tub into a luxury one. I was of course flabbergasted/speechless. I had wanted to purchase a hot tub that would have been housed out of doors, so my TheraTub eliminated this idea, because it provides the same beneficial elements. Okay now you know that I was not only surprised but very happy with Carols gift, but having spent the past 30 years in the field of avionics engineering, I of course had to take my new toy on it's shakedown cruise and where I began checking the system out. I must admit that I am picky when it comes to such major purchased items that include claims that it includes a lifetime warranty on everything. I like many individuals have been disillusioned in the past with such claims, so here is where all of my suspicions were put to the test and to rest. As a result of my so called shakedown cruise, I discovered a couple minor problems. After placing a call to the service office, within minutes I received a notice that a service crew would be there within a day or two and sure enough the crew arrived and made all the minor adjustments. The quick response to my call is what really impressed me. The product alone is obviously a well thought out engineered piece of equipment, but the response for service in my book is just as important. I would also like to thank all of the people associated with the takedown of the old tub and installation of the TheraTub. The diligent efforts they took where second to none! Thank you, from a very surprised and satisfied customer."

Tom M.

Tyler, TX

picture of texas walk in tubs theratub testimonial

"The TheraTub walk-in tub is awesome! When I saw how thick the fiberglass was compared to others I looked at, I knew I was getting a quality product. It makes so much sense to have the tub sit on the floor and not suspended on that metal frame. You have a gold mine. I can't see why anyone would buy anything but a TheraTub the way it is built and with the low step-in. If you have anyone in Texas that would like to talk to me feel free to have them call. The installation was smooth and your installers really knew what they were doing. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!"

Ron & Linda S.

 Lubbock, TX


"We recently had a TheraTub installed after researching many alternatives. We're very satisfied with the end product and how the crew did a quick and quality install. We live in an RV home with a 4' x 8' bathroom. Needless to say, this was a challenge for the installers and they got it done professionally. I love the ease of cleaning, the great whirlpool and the very solid feel of the tub and surround. I had recent major abdominal surgery and can say the TheraTub is a life saver. Being able to get in and out of the tub and sitting in the comfortable seating position made taking a handheld shower alot easier. My wife and I are both happy with the TheraTub and would recommend it to anyone! Great customer service! Thanks, Ron and Linda"

Marie N.

 Houston, TX

testimonial picture

"We needed two walk-in tubs. One for my mom and one for me. We only had a limited amount of money to spend and thought if we could only afford one, that's what we do. I also didn't want to sacrifice quality to get a good price. TheraTub was able to package the two together to give us a price so that we could afford both tubs. The tubs are fabulous; all I could have hoped for and more. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for going out of your way to speak with me at midnight one night to answer a question that I had. TheraTub is a wonderful company with a wonderful product."

Joe B.

 Huntsville, AL

huntsville alabama theratub walk in bathtubs testimonal pic

"I took advantage of the AMAC promotion that TheraTub offers and my wife loves her new tub. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has no problems accessing the tub, nor getting out (grab bars are excellent). If faced with the decision to buy again, I would absolutely. The TheraTub installers were very professional and did a fantastic job. I had a wonderful experience from purchase to delivery and installation. Thanks for a great product."

Lillie A.

 San Antonio, TX


"Since my husband’s death a few months ago, I live alone and I didn’t feel safe getting into and out of my shower. A walk-in tub sounded like the solution to my safety problem as well as helping with a number of medical issues but I didn’t know the first thing about buying one. Then I saw an ad in the AMAC newsletter for TheraTub and since I trust AMAC, I decided to give the company a call. Of course, the discount for AMAC members got my attention, but what really sold me was my conversation with Tom. I told him that my shower was unusual, but I didn’t realize how unusual until the installers arrived with the new tub. I was distressed when they told me they couldn’t install my TheraTub. They had several other installations to make and they couldn’t spend the time trying to figure out how to make it work in my unconventional home. However, after talking to Tom, I was again impressed. He told me, “I won’t let you be my first unhappy customer.” He promised that he would do whatever it took to get my tub installed. He sent another pair of installers all the way from Florida to San Antonio, Texas and they spent two days actually having to do some fairly significant remodeling to get the tub to fit. At the end of the second day, they tested everything and told me the tub was ready. I couldn’t wait to try it out and as soon as they were out of the door, I was in the tub. It was absolutely fantastic! My arthritis and fibromyalgia pain was greatly reduced and I was so relaxed. I slept extremely well. I enjoy a relaxing and health enhancing bath every day now. When I had to go out of town for several days, I really missed my TheraTub! Most importantly, I appreciate that instead of making excuses for why they couldn’t install the tub in circumstances they weren’t expecting the installers, Travis and Frank, simply did what Tom instructed them: do whatever it takes to get the job done. I know that if I ever have a problem, I can pick up the phone and call. I won’t be passed around from department to department and person to person who can’t help. I’ll be talking to someone I’ve come to know and trust, someone who will ensure that I continue to enjoy my TheraTub for what I hope will be a very long time."

 Carla A.

Bowling Green, KY


"Hi, Jay, here is a picture I just took of our TheraTub, which you are welcome to share with a potential customer. You were great to work with while purchasing the tub, and it was a smooth installation. I appreciate business people like you! Please tell your customer that he is welcomed to call me should he have any questions at 270-***-****. If I do not answer, a message should be left so I can return the call."

 Loree L.

Orlando, FL

loree-orlando-florida-theratub-walk-in-tubs picture

"We bought the walk-in tub for my husband who has Alzheimer's. This has allowed him to stay in our home and not have to go to a facility. The savings in just a few months pays for my TheraTub. Actually I never thought I would use it but out of curiosity I decided to try it and Oh My! It is absolutely wonderful! It is just beautiful in our home. I am on the board at our homeowner association and will be recommending. I just can't say enough about the TheraTub!"

Mona V.

Roseville, CA


"I wanted to thank you for responding to my inquiry. Out of 3 companies I called you have been the only one to respond! As you probably already know, I purchased a unit with Paul. Poor guy, it was probably the fastest sale he ever had! I had already decided that morning that if I liked and trusted the salesman that showed up, it was a done deal. Working 7 days a week right, taking care of elderly parents and their finances is a handful! This is probably the best purchase I’ve made since her brain aneurysm! Thank you for returning my call that evening! It was a godsend!"

Linda K.

 Houston, TX

theratub testimonial walk in tubs houston texas picture

"My mom and I are enjoying our new TheraTub, it is wonderful! My mom turned 85 this past month and it has made such a difference in her life. I started looking at the walk-in tubs, but really did not know what to look for in one. A friend of mine works for some nursing homes and I asked her if she knew anything about them. Someone else who worked at the nursing home recommended the TheraTub. She said that it was the best and the only one she would even consider. After hearing that, I went online and looked at TheraTub on the AMAC website and decided to request some information. I couldn’t believe it, within probably less than an hour, John called me. He was so nice. He gave me all kinds of information and talked to me for quite some time. By the time I got off the phone with him, I felt like I had been talking to a good friend. I called John back and told him that we wanted to go ahead and get one. He told me that he was sending two of his very best people, Bob and Ron, to install the tub. It took them between 6-7 hours to install the tub and they worked non-stop. When they were finished, they had mom come and sit in the tub and they showed her how to use everything. She was just tickled with it! They were so good with her. When they left, everything was cleaned up and looked very nice. Mom was the first one to use it and she just started smiling from the time she got in it until she got out. While she is in the tub, she just keeps saying how very good it makes her feel. Whenever we fill the tub with water her legs start lifting up and she just laughs. She loves the different air and hydro jets. She said that they really feel good on her back, legs and feet. Still today, every time she uses it she smiles the whole time! I can’t tell you how much that means. Before we got the TheraTub, it was a struggle to get her to use the shower, now it’s a pleasure and she even asks to use it! Thank you all for everything you’ve done for us you will never know how much we appreciate it! It certainly was a blessing for us that we heard about the TheraTub. We can’t say enough good about everyone that we’ve come in to contact with in your company, they are all just wonderful people. One of the things other than the tub itself that really impresses me with your company, is how genuine and caring you all are. Never once did I feel like we were being pressured in to going with your company. From the first time I talked with John, I felt like everyone really cared about us and helping us to find what would be best for my mom. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to all of you. God Bless You All."

Jack S.

 Logansport, IN

theratub testimonial walk in bath logansport indiana

"After negotiating with TheraTub and a competitor, we purchased a TheraTub. TheraTub seemed to have features as good or better than the rest and was priced considerably below the competitors. About a month ago the TheraTub was delivered and installed and on the date that it was promised. We are well satisfied with this product."

Mitch A.

 Kirkwood, MO

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"TheraTub is a magnificent product in all respects. It is deserving of five stars. We had a plumber install it and that went smoothly. It is nice that TheraTub allowed me to contact their installer with any questions I or our plumber had about installation. We love the jets that massage the back and legs and the heated seat is a real plus. We also like the fact that there are automatic shut-offs built into the system and that the water lines for the jets are self-purging and drying. The fact that the "step" is only about an inch or so above our floor is also a real plus. Another big plus is the lifetime warranty. We would also like to give Kudos to Erin, the salesperson who helped us. She patiently answered every question we had and was very helpful in getting the tub to us in a timely fashion with respect to our plumber's availability. We cannot praise TheraTub enough. It is a wonderful product and I recommend it without reservation as the cream of the crop of walk-in bathtubs."

Rob & Jeanette D.

 Sun City Center, FL

theratub picture testimony

"It is refreshing to know there are still companies that do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. Our TheraTub is awesome! It looks beautiful in our home. I wasn't sure we would like the chromotherapy lights, but they are very relaxing and we are glad we got them. Our new walk-in exceeds our expectations in every way, thank you."

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